The Vast of Night and Goldfinger

Fay Crocker: So the train travels between two thousand and five thousand miles per hour in these tubes, all across the country. That’s how it’s all going to be. It’s called vacuum tube transportation. And all these tubes, they crisscross all of the world, so we’re going to sit in cars that run through the tubes, like little hot dogs through a garden hose.
Everett Sloan: So wait a minute now.
Fay Crocker: It’s going to be everywhere by the year 2000.

From The Vast of Night

Our Friday night movies were sort of along the same vein. They both dealt with the potential for government conspiracy and cover-ups. The Vast of Night, is a cross between the Twilight Zone and War of the Worlds. It takes place in a small town in New Mexico. Could it be this is the start of Area 51 or the start of alien abductions?

‎The Vast of Night (2019) directed by Andrew Patterson ...
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We really enjoyed The Vast of Night. It felt like a classic alien invasion movie or radio play. Plus, it is always fun to see where tech started with old microphones, radio stations and switch boards. This wasn’t a big summer block buster with tons of explosions and CG. And if you grew up in a small town, you’ll know what it’s like when the entire town is at the high school game.

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Goldfinger was movie three in the 007 series. I’ll admit this was hard to watch and not be offended with Pussy Galore at times. How come there’s no Dick Aplenty? These older movies can be hard to watch and see the sexism, racism and just general lack of cultural understanding. We don’t support these old school ways of thinking or treating people, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy how improbable these movies are.

See the source image

Where else can you get a deadly top hat that can cut through cement and kill people?

Image result for gold finger bond movie

And look at this stunning car.

We had our traditional pizza with our Friday night movies. I was so hungry, I forgot to get a photo. Next week, I’ll introduce the new to me porter. I did manage to get Burt to model my current scarf, Great Reef.

I’m leaving you with a sunflower on the verge of blooming. Bring a little joy into someone’s life.

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