The Man with the Golden Gun

I sure am, boy! Ever hear of Evel Knievel? ~ Bond

This Friday night between smoky conditions making it unhealthy to be outside and COVID, the only thing left was watching movies inside. It was perfect for Bond movie number nine The Man with a Golden Gun.

The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

This movie aired in 1974. You can still feel the 70’s vibe with the opening song.

This movie seems oh so slightly less sexist with a little bit more intelligence in the plot and story line. The villain has three nipples so there are more than usual topless male shots.

The 5 Best Bond Stunts – and the stories behind them

This movie does have some 007 stunts that are pretty amazing. The car stunt above was actually completed. No CG here.

AMC Matador coupe | Bond Lifestyle

We also see more female action scenes in this movie. This movie was slightly above the previous eight.

The Man with the Golden Misogyny - The Fandomentals

Once a year, we have a special pizza treat. Not only does this have pineapple, but it’s a stuffed crust! It’s not low-carb or keto friendly, but it sure did taste good.

Friday night wouldn’t be complete without some kitty snuggles and knitting. In this case, Burt is snuggling with the knitting. Isn’t he cute?

Hope you found some reason to celebrate this weekend.

2 thoughts on “The Man with the Golden Gun

  1. The Man With The Golden Gun will always be a favorite, as it was my first Bond movie. Is it the best movie? Oh, heck no. But you never forget your first. “Elly-fant! Elly-fant!” ;^)

    Last week our temps dipped into autumn ranges, so kitty snuggles were abundant. This week we’re back into the 70s, so I may need to bribe the girls.


    • So true! This isn’t a bad movie for it to be your first Bond experience. There are some amazing stunts. It’s certainly been fun to see the tech gadgets evolve.

      We had really hot last week and then smokey air conditions. This week, I would love for us to have just a little rain so I can breath better. Chilly nights do make more snuggling opportunities.


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