Working from Home: Week 30

You’re imperfect and you’re wired for struggle, but you are worth of love and belonging. ~ Brene Brown

Wow, I thought smoke from the wildfires was a bit soul crushing. Just as the rain arrived in the PNW to provide breathable air we lost not one but two great woman both to cancer. Needless to say, there have been quite a lot of tearful moments in our household this week. RGB’s entrance into the Supreme Court with all her clerks was a sight I will never forget. This joins the image of watching Sally Ride die when the Challenger blew up. (I cried that day too.) Some moments are just ingrained in our memories forever.

Like wise, I remember the very first skein of Malabrigo I bought and the moebius strip cowl by Cat Bordhi I intended to make with it. Given my love affair with Malabrigo that ensued after that first skein, you can imagine just how special both of these are. If you’ve knit socks two at a time, you have Cat Bordhi to thank.

Garden Update: Between the weather, smoke and the day job, I haven’t made much progress on anything in our backyard garden. Next week, is forecasted to be mostly sunny. We will attempt to plant the rhubarb then and harvest the rest of the sunflowers. We did have one surprise harvest. Apples! That’s right so far we’ve had five ripe apples. After we noticed our neighborhood squirrel pilfering apples, I did some research. Turns out having only one apple tree means our harvest could be a bit sporadic over the next few weeks and even months. I could keep them for something bigger, but for now I’m enjoying homegrown apples with cheese and wine. Talk about farm to plate!

I leave you with a surprise photo of our neighborhood stellar jay. He’s enjoying the fruits of our sunflowers. And also to be the change you want to see in the world. These two women had a profound impact on so many lives in ways they may never have realized in their lifetimes. Sometimes we just don’t know how much a kind word or a smile can lift someone else up.

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