The Return of Monster Mayhem

Clothes make a statement, costumes tell a story. ~ Mason Cooley

With so much being cancelled this year or moving to virtual events, it’s hard to get excited about the changing of seasons. Autumn is typically a great time for knitting. The days are shorter, the nights are chilly and leaves start to descend from the trees. It also means Monster Mayhem is back! Remember Monster Mayhem 2019? The British Hubby and I managed to get in 27 spooky, Halloween or monster related movies. Many were suggestions from my dear followers.

This year we’re starting off with a Baztan Trilogy with The Invisible Guardian, The Legacy of the Bones and Offering to the Storm. While these movies aren’t overtly Halloween, the adult themes of old world rituals, tarot readings and human sacrifices seemed like a good starting point. We like a good murder mystery and these did not fail to deliver.

Here’s a little teaser of future knitting projects to come. There are so many great Halloween patterns out there. One of my all time favorites is still our Spooky hats. Do you have any favorite Halloween patterns or movies? Share them in the comments section.

P.S. If you have a chance to check out RBG’s live memorial, it’s rather moving. Rest in power, Ruth.

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