Celebrating Life: Fright Club

We think there is endless time to live but we never know which moment is last. So share, care, love, and celebrate every moment of life.

It’s Friday again. This has been an intense week. That makes taking the time to celebrate life and the small moments all the more important. What feels like a life time ago, the British Hubby and I started celebrating every Friday when I was doing a temp to hire position. Every week, I was 40 hours closer to a better salary, benefits and paid time off. We wanted to make what felt like a negative hurdle into something positive. (I still have the cork from the bottle of champagne when I became an FTE.) A decade later, we recognize the importance of these small moments together. Every week, we look for the positives to celebrate.

This week, I’m celebrating with Fright Club from Jimmy Beans. What is Fright Club you say? It’s a Halloween themed craftvent! When I saw this come up, I thought it would be perfect for Monster Mayhem 2020.

I have a fun Trick or Treat bucket filled with 13 wrapped surprises. The official start date is October 1. It’s not a surprise or mystery KAL. The pattern is Haunted Handwarmers. I have the needles, and I’m all set to cast on! The rainy weather and our spooky decorations are getting me in the mood for Monster Mayhem!

Ernie claims he’s not spooked, but I’m not so sure.

How are you celebrating life this weekend?

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