For Your Eyes Only

“Goodbye, Mr. Bond. I trust you had a pleasant trip.”

As major movie releases are starting to be postponed into 2021, we debated about taking a mini respite in our Bond movie marathon. Burt, our tuxedo and most 007 kitty, thought that would be offensive to tuxedo kitties world wide so we’re continuing on with For Your Eyes Only.

For Your Eyes Only (1981)

This movie came out in 1981. You can already feel the 80’s influence of saxophones, synthesizers, big hair and cars with extreme angles. The British Hubby and I had a good laugh because I don’t remember viewing this movie yet I knew all the words to theme song by Sheena Easton.

I’m going to be honest here. The opening scene where 007 outwits an assignation attempt by the Syndicate was fantastic, but the rest of the movie fell a bit flat compared to the psychedelic acid trip of Moonraker.

007 Marathon: For Your Eyes Only

Sure, it’s fun to see the first computers, and there was a rather unique villain lair. Maybe after 11 movies Bond has gotten a bit formulaic?

The Evil Lairs of the James Bond Franchise - Foote & Friends on Film

While this Bond movie may not have been our favorite, we are back to our favorite keto pizza.

And some snuggles from Burt. Isn’t he cute when he’s sleeping?

How was your weekend? Does it seem like it’s a distant memory or is that just me?

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