Celebrating Life: Fall Harvest

A thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest. ~ William Blake

Wow, sometimes life just keeps throwing obstacles at you to see how strong you are. I’m starting to feel a bit like a broken record about how hard some of these weeks have been. This week we had some unexpected bad news in our extended family. I debated on posting a Celebrating Life blog this week, but these are times when celebrations are needed the most. Our brains are wired to reinforce negativity. That’s what we remember. That’s what we latch onto. However, most of life isn’t negative. If you take a moment to pause and really notice your surroundings, you can find beauty in everything. Sometimes you may have to look really really hard.

This week I’m celebrating our fall harvest. A few months ago, we were excited to see how many apple blossoms and potential apples. We harvested 28 apples! Not a ton, but enough to enjoy as a snack with some nuts or cheese. We also harvested three onions! This what we go from planting the end of a regular onion. Now, I realize I should have split the sprouts to provide them with more space to grow. I’ll know for next time.

I leave you with a fun photo of Burt in box. How are you celebrating life this weekend?

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