A View to Kill and Living Daylights

“Some of the best KGB shots are women.”

I’m doubling up on Bond movies this week. Last week I ran out of time to get in a Friday night movie recap. The next movies on our Bond quest were A View to Kill and The Living Daylights.

A View to a Kill Poster
The Living Daylights Poster

A View to Kill started out mid 80’s awesome with bright colors and a retake on the opening theme song done by Duran Duran.

We were even excited to see a young Christopher Walken as the Bond villain.

But this movie just got sillier and sillier as it went on. You could argue all the Bond movies are silly and over the top. This movie was Roger Moore’s last film as Bond. We also have a new Money Penny in The Living Daylights. Even with new actors, we still have a fantastic 80’s opening song by A-ha along with another great opening scene.

In this movie, we see Bond transition to one main love interest. This movie also had some unusual stunts like using a cello case as a toboggan.

The Living Daylights Blu-ray Release Date October 2, 2012

And then there’s the car on ski’s.

007 V8 Vantage / V8 Volante « Aston Martins.com

Let’s not forget the genius idea of using a pipeline as a one man escape route.

File:PIG - Pipeline Inspection Gauge (The Living Daylights) National Motor  Museum, Beaulieu.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The British Hubby and I enjoyed Timothy Dalton as Bond. If you haven’t yet viewed The Living Daylights, I would recommend it. It’s was a great Friday night fun movie. It went well with my pumpkin cider below.

The pumpkin cider went well with my Halloween themed dishcloth. Here’s a monster mayhem dishcloth.

Burt’s keeping warm this weekend by snuggling in the blankets.

How is your weekend going?

2 thoughts on “A View to Kill and Living Daylights

  1. Timothy Dalton is my husband’s favorite Bond. While I enjoy watching him, I think the love interest in The Living Daylights turned me off; so annoying. And a View to a Kill? Arguably the worst Bond ever despite Duran Duran (one of my favorite music groups) and Grace Slick (oh-la-la!). I love the Bond series, but you are braver than I to watch these two back-to-back!

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    • I agree with you, Trish. These were not my favorite Bond movies. I think I was just so excited to have a new Bond actor after Roger Moore that The Living Daylights seemed marginally better. I understand why they ask actors to play Bond for several movies, but I think I like more variety. Or maybe I like a Bond with more charisma? That’s an interesting idea. Is it the screen play adaptation or the actor that makes the movie?

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