Haunted Handwarmers: Day 13

Nothing happens without a reason. ~ Marilyn Monroe

Lucky day 13! Or maybe it’s a baker’s dozen? (Oh man, I can tell I’ve been pushing myself in my workouts this week. That sentence conjured up images of dancing pastries!) I’m supposed to be writing about opening the last package for my Haunted Handwarmers. I’m a little behind having these ready by Halloween, but I was distracted by making the matching cowl.

Day 13 was yarn to complete the last section of knitting which was identical to the first section of little bats or pumpkins. Not only did day 13 include the last section of knitting, it also included completing the thumb gusset and the finishing ribbing. I have one mitt completely off the needles. I just need to weave in the ends and fix the holes where I joined the thumb. I never do a great job on the first mitt. My goal is to have these finished before December 1. I still think I can do it.

SkeinHerder’s Songs: Today I’m mostly listening to an audio book while I knit and snuggle with Ernie. I’m working my way through Dresden Files to familiarize myself with the story again. Jim Butcher released new books in the Dresden series this year. I’m currently on Book 12, Changes. This is one of my all time favorite books.

I think Ernie is actually getting more adorable as he gets older. Just look at his cute pink nose!

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