Working from Home: Week 40

To find yourself, thing for yourself. ~ Socrates

Forty weeks ago, I started working from home. That same week the British Hubby also started working from home. Has it really been 40 weeks? Well, the kitties have adjusted to us being mostly home all together. They all have their own unique daily rituals to reaffirm the bonds with their humans. Even Gracie now requires daily pets and play. To be honest, I’m going to miss all this time I get to spend with the British Hubby. Sure, we had some bumpy patches in the beginning, and some days we stare as screens more than each other. Western culture places so much importance on finding the right partner, and then the majority of us spend our adult lives working apart. We plan to correct this moving forward.

What’s new this week? I managed to get some amazing sunrise photos. And I’m happy to report the British Hubby maybe on the road to recovery. The gastroenterologist appointment went well. All scans and blood work show normal results. The doctor provided a bunch of literature. We learned that certain foods relax your ducts and allow enzymes like bile to go directly into your small intestines which cause irritation. Once it’s irritated, it will only get worse every time food passes through. We’ve already found one food that’s a trigger he should avoid. Other’s we’re trying in moderation. He’s also tapering off one prescription. We will see how it goes without. The plan is to have another appointment if needed in a month.

What’s new in keto land? This week, we’ve been trying to eat as clean as we can. That means eating lots of veggies and seeing if any are triggers for the British Hubby. Along the same lines, Keto and Co had a blog post this week about keto veggies. How do you get more veggies in your diet?

SkeinHerder Ponders: This week I’m thinking about the monolith in Utah. What could it be? I think it’s a replacement for the Arecibo Observatory crashing down.

I know I’ve said this before, but isn’t Ernie adorable?

2 thoughts on “Working from Home: Week 40

  1. Wow 40 weeks – I guess that’s the same as my husband has done here too. I was sorry to read about your husband’s health, but it sounds a little more sorted than it was, as least.

    I get more veggies in my life by making a lot of different veggie soups. I also do veggie rosti and things like houmous dip and veggie sticks. It all sound simple, it usually is!

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    • It is so hard to believe it’s been 40 weeks. The British Hubby’s health is doing better every day.

      Thanks for the veggie suggestions, Tinaor. I love a good soup, but hadn’t thought to add more veggies in there. I’m going to try your ideas!


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