Working from Home: Week 41

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. ~ George Bernard Shaw

It’s been another 604,800 seconds. That’s how many seconds are in a week. It’s week 41 working from home. We are firmly into the Holiday season now. Are you making any new holiday traditions? I’ve already starting to plan a huge holiday feast. It’s going to be epic! It’s going to include scrumptious keto dishes. Some old favorites and a few new ideas. Did I mention it was going to be epic?

What’s new this week? As sunrise is later and later, I’ve been trying to deliberately watch the sunrise. The photo above was a particularly chilly and stunning morning. In other news, the British Hubby is improving weekly. We’re now onto the food journal phase. We are narrowing down his triggers. This helps us figure out what he can eat in moderation, and what he should avoid completely. He still has a few more tests, but this could just be the most thorough physical he’s had yet. That’s okay. We plan to be together for many more decades.

What’s new in keto land? This past weekend we had sunny days and clear skies. It was beautiful weather for us to grill one more time in 2020. This is the first time we’ve grilled cheeseburgers since our zero net carb keto bun discovery, and it won’t be our last. This felt like a carb loaded meal. (The key here is tricking your brain into thinking I’m eating We stocked up on fresh burger toppings. We love fresh cheeseburgers from our local butcher, but they are quite large. This time we tried slicing them in half after grilling. The British Hubby has perfected his slicing technique to keep the patty disc in tact. This allows us to keep the portion size down while still leaving room for veggies like broccoli slaw.

SkeinHerder Ponders: This week I’ve mostly been thinking about what would happen if Eurovision met the 1988 Crystal Lake National Aerobic Championships? Would the musicians have to include aerobic moves in their performance? Would the aerobic contestants have to perform to Eurovision songs? Or would the aerobic contestants be back up dancers in for the Eurovision artists? Can you guess which one I would vote for?

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