Craftvent Day 3

Will you dare to be original?

I can hardly believe that I’m posting about Craftvent Day 3 already, but there you have it. I’m posting about Day 3. I full expected the days with knitting to take me about a week to finish. The day job has been keeping me rather busy, and I’m working on two Craftvent scarves. Day 3 involved significantly less rows to knit and it wasn’t lace. The lace sections will take longer, but I might just be able to pick up the pace on the days in between.

First, I was very excited to see the contrast yarns in the Day 3 surprises. Both colorways used shades of deep purply blue next. I try to branch out and wear or knit other colors, but purple has always been my first love. The knitting for Day 3 involved slip stitches to incorporate the new color with the previous color. This creates a really neat transition between the two colors. Next, we have a fisherman’s rib. This involves knitting the stitch below. It sounds really fancy and complicated, but it’s not. Check out how to do it in the video below.

  • Day 1: Needles and pattern code, msm hand cream and tender loving care herbal tea “Tea-LC” from Plum Deluxe.
  • Day 2: Yarn for the first lace section and DK weight yarn in Barn Door from Apple Fiber Studio. I had some amazing teas while working on this section. Chocolate-orange rooibos from Lizzy Kate, Elderberry Wine from Adagio teas, and Grandmas Caramel Butterscotch Black from Plum Deluxe.
  • Day 3: Yarn for first transition section. My crafters self-care advent calendar had Dream Catcher tea from Flying Bird Botanicals. I had to laugh because the last thing I need right now is more tea, but I’m always excited to find new local businesses. Flying Bird Botanicals has drinking chocolates in interesting flavors along with honey, matcha and tea. I see more of this brand in my future. Since this took less time to knit, I only managed to get through two packages of advent calendar tea: Spiced Apple Chai from Adagio and Lizzy’s Breakfast Supreme from Lizzy Kate. The breakfast supreme was a great pick-me-up for sluggish mornings when I need to be alert for the day job.
These keto brownies are fantastic with a pot of tea.

SkeinHerder’s Songs: Today I’ve mostly been listening to peaceful sounds of nature. There’s a front coming through which brought rain and windy conditions. In between the rain, the birds have been really exciting to watch on our feeders. Burt and I even managed to spot a hummingbird.

Doesn’t Burt look dashing in his holiday tie? He’s not very excited about it.

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