The World is Not Enough

“Oh, pipe down 007.” ~ Q

As we’re nearing the conclusion of our Bond movie quest, we’ve started spacing out the movies. Partially, this gives us time to decide what we’ll watch after our Bond movie marathon concludes. It’s partially because some of these movies feel very formulaic without much original story line or stunts. Some Bond movies are better than others, and maybe if we weren’t watching them every week, the flaws would be less obvious. The World is Not Enough felt like a movie we’ve already seen.

The World Is Not Enough Poster

The opening scenes before the theme song were intense. I actually stopped knitting to see the stunts. Honestly, how many of us would keep our wits about us to use the villain as a counter weight? And the opening boat chase was spectacular.

The World Is Not Enough by Richard Grosser on SoundCloud in 2020 | Enough is enough, World ...

It was rather exciting to hear Garbage sing the opening theme song. It has that late 90’s grunge vibe. I try to guess the artist/band that does each opening song before it appears on the credits. So far, I have a decent track record.

You can probably tell this was not my favorite Bond movie. Maybe I’m just sad that Desmond Llewelyn no longer plays Q after this movie. Sure, there were some great snow stunts, but after the first 30 – 45 minutes I had a hard time paying attention to the movie. I love a good pun, but after awhile the constant quips gets annoying. A good pun is well placed and not over done.

Bond In Review: The World Is Not Enough | Chrism227's Blog

Maybe this week I was more excited for pizza and knitting than the movie? With the British Hubby still watching what he eats, I’ve had pizza leftovers for a few days. Cold keto pizza is actually quite tasty with a hot toddy.

I took a break from Craftvent knitting to make some progress on Set Fire to the Rain. I’ve introduced the second color! There is still quite a bit of knitting left, but there is a possibility this poncho will have it’s debut yet this month. With many/all our holiday activities being virtual, I’m going to have extra knitting time.

This is how Ernie watched The World is Not Enough. He was snuggled beside The British Hubby the entire time.

Hope your week is off to a great start.

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