The Books of 2020

Always look on the bright side of life. Otherwise it’ll be too dark to read. ~ Unknown

With the conclusion of 2020, means the end of my 2020 Book Challenge. I was very ambitious last year when I set my reading goal of 25 books. Based off of 2019, I thought it was doable. Nothing in life is static. Change and death are the constants, and 2020 provided plenty of both. While I didn’t even come close to reaching 25 completed books last year, it did push me outside my normal comfort zone. In an attempt to finish more books, I read a book of poems I probably wouldn’t have picked up had I not been woefully behind. Learning knew things is the motivation for my yearly reading challenges. Since 2021 is the Year of Opportunities, Possibilities and Listening, it only seems fitting I keep my goal at 25 books again. I may not make it, but who knows what opportunities and possibilities I will unearth along the way.

Here’s the 13 books I completed in no particular order:

  • All Cats are Introverts
  • Men Without Women
  • Dirty Martini
  • A Separate Reality
  • The WILD Way to Lucid Dreaming
  • The Library Book
  • Turn Coat
  • Read and Buried
  • The Travelling Cat Chronicles
  • An Elderly Lady is up to No Good
  • Guidebook to Murder
  • The Chestnut Man
  • The Rules of Magic

I did manage to meet my December tea challenge goal. Considering I’m also trying to drink my way through multiple tea calendars, I drank quite a bit of tea in December. One of the benefits of working from home, I can make a pot of tea and use fun tea cups when I normally would be using travel mugs. Decaf hazelnut cinnamon crème tea from adagio and house blend black tea from plum deluxe are two of my all time favorites. The third tea was brunch blend oolong from plum deluxe.

SkeinHerder’s Songs: The British Hubby and I were hoping our chance of snow flurries this weekend, would produce enough snow for sledding in our neighborhood. Unfortunately, it’s just slightly too warm for snow. I’m talking 1 or 2 degrees too warm. Instead, we’re getting a nice cold drizzle. Above is some footage from our last snow right before Christmas.

When it’s cold, the kitties like to snuggle even more for warmth.

How is your weekend going? May this week bring you peace and joy.

2 thoughts on “The Books of 2020

  1. Thank you for sharing that book list! I need to try harder to include more books – owned and at the library – in my free time. I just finished “The Answer Is…” autobiography from Alex Trebek. He’s a good storyteller but not a great writer. I enjoyed what he wrote, just not the way he wrote it. The photos were awesome, too.

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    • You are so very welcome, Trish. I might look for the Trebek book on audio. Sometimes I can listen to books easier if the writing isn’t great. I’m really fortunate our public library has a fantastic downloadable content in audio and e-readers.

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