Working from Home: Week 47 and 48

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.

Last week, I stared at my screen and tried to will myself to have something to write that was insightful or clever about still working from home for yet another week. The minutes ticked by. There was no clacking of keys. No sage words appeared on my screen. What came was fat rolling tears. I wiped them away and sighed. I was grieving and no creative juices were flowing. Part of me didn’t want to share our loss on the blog. World wide more than 2 million people have died thus far from COVID-19. Statistically, it’s just a matter of time before every family is impacted. Despite having a blog for the past five years, the British Hubby and I are still relatively private people. I decided it was more important to show our journey through this global pandemic. It’s too easy to allow social media and our online personas to constantly show how everything is awesome and gloss over the less desirable parts of life. Everything isn’t always awesome. It’s not always gloom and doom either.

Little balls of sunshine.

We all know there are stages of grief. Most places acknowledge five stages; denial, angry, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I found a few places that listed seven and one funeral home that listed 12. I found this article in Psychology Today that talked about grief as a non-linear process. There’s no correct way to grieve, and it’s likely going to be an emotional roller coaster. Allowing yourself to feel whatever it is when you need to do so is the important aspect.

This week I’ve found joy in baking. As a Midwestern kid, I remember making donuts with our portable deep fat fryer. While these were tasty, they were not healthy nor were they safe to operate. With the help of silicone trays and the Ultimate Guide to Keto Baking I was able to make keto donuts. These are lemon blueberry donuts. The British Hubby wanted to try one sans blueberries. The first batch are a little burnt, but the second batch turned out okay. We expected these to rise a bit more so I ended up with more than the recipe indicated. With a smaller portion means slightly less carbs per serving, and it’s still big enough to be satisfying. This is a great base recipe to try different flavors or fruit. The silicon trays make clean-up a breeze. I spent countless hours scrubbing metal baking tins as a child.

SkeinHerder Ponders: This week I’ve been thinking about vielight. Does it really improve cognitive function? Check out this article. If nothing else, you’ll get a good chuckle from the contraption. Light therapy isn’t necessarily new. Applying it to cognitive diseases is a more recent development in Western medicine. I’m still processing my own thoughts on this topic. (Maybe that’s a sign I need some red light therapy?) It’s a step in the right direction to see a more holistic approach to healing disease and treating the body.

Isn’t Burt just adorable?

How is your week going?

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