Casino Royale

“I’m the money.” “Every penny of it.” ~ Casino Royale

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about our Friday night movie nights. In truth, we took a little hiatus from our Bond movie marathon. We’re back with just a handful of Bond movies remaining. Casino Royale is the next title. This is the first movie with Daniel Craig as Bond. This is also the first Bond movie the British Hubby and I saw together in the theatre when it came out.

Casino Royale Poster

With a new actor as Bond, this movie has a different tone than previous ones. It has a darker grittier vibe. This is supposed to be the beginning of his career when he first achieves 00 status. These are the assignments that shape him into the ruthless assassin Bond becomes. It’s the pre-story to all the previous movies. The opening theme music is by Chris Cornell. It too has a different feel.

The opening scenes after the theme tune are some of the British Hubby’s all time favorite Bond stunt scenes with the free running sequence. It was impressive.

Image result for casino royale free running

This movie had some stunning scenery shots. It was also great to see a sexy and intelligent female counterpart for Bond. It all helped to make this movie more intense than many previous movies. It was so suspenseful at times, I had a difficult time knitting during this movie. Okay, it could be the Craig’s stunning blue eyes played a role in my silent knitting needles.

With the return of our Friday night movie means the return of Quest pizzas. These are keto friendly. The stout is less so, but oh so tasty. For February, I’m drinking stout with hints of chocolate. Yum!

Since this movie was rather suspenseful, I had to pick a project that was easy to knit. My Chevrons of Christmas is perfect. It’s a two row repeat. I’m knitting each color until I run out of yarn. It’s just big enough to mostly cover Ernie.

How is your week going so far? Have you watched any good movies lately?

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