Kong Double Feature

I wish I had left Kong alone on the island.

We continued our Kong movie marathon last Friday with the next two Kong movies. The British Hubby and I both thought we had not seen all the King Kong movies, but the first three Kong movies so far have been reruns for us. The Son of Kong and King Kong vs. Godzilla were both a bit silly. Sometimes silly is good for Friday night brain out movie night.

Son of Kong Poster
King Kong vs. Godzilla Poster

We always appreciate good monster movies especially when Godzilla is a feature in one of them. The early monster movies are filled with models and people in suits before we had computer generated movies and special effects.

Who Do You Think WON back in King Kong vs. Godzilla(1962)? - Godzilla Forum

I went a slightly different route with our Friday night feast. We had a little bit of grilled meat left. This is our Friday night Surf n’ Turf feast. Don’t look too closely. The coconut shrimp and red wine isn’t strictly keto, but fortunately there’s no keto police. (I know I’m making my weight loss progress just go that much slower every time I slip and have carbs. What can I say, sometimes you need a bottle of wine and coconut shrimps.) It was a perfect combo to go with knitting an easy project like Chevrons of Christmas. Easy projects are a must for movies with subtitles. I’m just starting color seven!

SkeinHerder’s Songs: Today I’ve mostly listening to Pet Shop Boys Electric album. Vocal is one of our favorite tracks.

Do you have a favorite monster movie? Or maybe you have a favorite Sunday tune? Share it in the comments below.

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