Getting Vaccinated: The First Dose

Science is magic that works. ~ Kurt Vonnegut

This past week there was a federal mandate that all preschool through grade 12 educational employees qualify for COVID-19 vaccines. Within 12 hours of this mandate, my insurance provider had their online services updated, and I qualified for an e-ticket. I was then able to schedule an appointment. If you watch any form of news, social media or online forum, even after you qualify it’s near impossible to schedule an appointment. I decided to stay positive. After all, I wasn’t expecting to qualify before April or May based off how slow the roll-out seemed to be progressing. Looking online, I had a hard time finding any appointments, but a co-worker had shared the scheduling number for our area. Expecting I may have to wait a week for more vaccine supplies to arrive, I got the automated voice that told me holds and wait times were high to speak with a representative. They could call me back when I was first in the que. I confirmed my number and went back to my work tasks. Barely a minute later, my phone was buzzing. I was first in the que! I verified my personal information and insurance details, and a few minutes later I had the first dose schedule for Saturday morning.

The best part of this experience was seeing vaccine man!

I debated on posting about my vaccine experience. Now days, almost everything seems to be controversial in some way shape or form. I’m not going to discuss the pros and cons of emergency approval vs. normal drug trails or if you should get vaccines or not. I’m going to talk about my experiences, and let you decide what’s best for you and your family.

Okay, wearing my new Godzilla mask was pretty amazing too.

My appointment was Saturday morning at a vaccine clinic. My second dose is automatically scheduled for the same time and place three weeks later. I had a bit of a drive from our house, and the British Hubby was a little worried I wouldn’t feel well enough to drive home. Since he doesn’t yet qualify even though he’s older, we decided to make the journey together. He brought a book and waited in the car while I had my first vaccine clinic experience. There were numerous health care professionals available to help answer questions and multiple tables set-up to process incoming patients. I virtually walked right up to a waiting person that verified my insurance and then again to the nurse that administered the shot. I answered some allergic reaction questions that determined how long I needed to wait after my first dose in case I had a response. By the time I left, my arm did hurt. And as we drove home, I could feel it progress through the left side of my body. The side I received my immunization. Oddly, my right side felt completely fine. Saturday I felt moderately crummy with a headache and some joint pain. Like I had a touch of the flu, but after that no symptoms at all. You can even sign-up for V-safe which allows the CDC to track your symptoms and contact you if you should seek immediate medical attention. In a way, we’re all part of a very large drug trial helping make the world better, safer and healthier.

We celebrated with some treats from our favorite British pub. We did have salad with our burgers. Sure the stout, chocolates and tarts aren’t keto friendly, but it’s not every day you get a vaccine for the pandemic a year after you started working from home.

Gracie enjoyed the day by sunbathing. We all have to find our happiness somehow.

2 thoughts on “Getting Vaccinated: The First Dose

  1. On the road to normality, hopefully! Here in the UK I am not due for my jab yet but have many friends who have had theirs, my hubby too. I giggled when I saw your sticker – it’s like when you are little and you go to the dentist – you get a sticker saying how brave you’ve been. Did you get a balloon too? Maybe not. Love your celebration meal. It IS something to celebrate!

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