Working From Home: Week 54

Be selective with your battles; sometimes peace is better than being right.

Wow, what a week it has been. I’m still mostly working from home. Right now that means, one day a week I’m in the office to do all the items I can’t do from home. I’ve been a bit tired/headache from the first dose of the vaccine, but nothing I couldn’t manage. It’s been sunny but chilly here. The night time temps have been below or hovering around freezing. The sunshine is a nice break from the rain.

What’s been happening here this week? It’s mostly been a low-key just trying to keep up with the day job type of week. Sometimes no excitement is a good thing. Okay, we did have a little excitement over the weekend. We made some banana caramel brownies over the weekend. The British Hubby was making a keto caramel sauce topping. We had a little mishap and instead of caramel sauce it smoked and almost caught fire causing the smoke detectors to go off. That of course, leads to the kitties hiding in fear that their fur was going to fall off. Fortunately, the British Hubby is fast on his feet. He promptly put the pan outside while I opened up the windows to air out the house. No one was injured and the pan wasn’t damaged. We were just out a few ingredients. If you’ve watched the Great British Bake-off, sometimes that happens.

SkeinHerder Ponders: This week I’ve been thinking about this article: “How One Physicist is Unravelling the Mathematics of Knitting.” Knitting is essentially creating knots that produce a fabric. I’m amazed at how a childhood hobby is turning into research that could shape the future. That’s pretty cool!

This week we’re taking close ups of the kitties. Gracie is reliving her favorite moment from The Princess Bride, “Hello, My Name is Inigo Montoya, You killed my father and prepare to die!” In case you don’t know this movie moment, I’ve included it below.

Are you getting ready for the weekend? We’re ready here!

5 thoughts on “Working From Home: Week 54

  1. Well done to your hubby! We can all admit to a little cooking hiccup – at least the kitchen didn’t burn down! My worst is years ago when heating oil on a stove then pouring it into a jug to put in a fondue pan – I have no idea why I chose a plastic jug for boiling oil – imagine the jug just falling apart/melting in my hands and gooey plastic and hot oil falling on the floor! Thank goodness none of it got on me. I have to say my kitchen skills have improved A LOT since then.
    Love the cat modelling – though slightly scary!

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    • Tinaor, your comment made us laugh! The British Hubby remembers they used to keep a wet rag ready for when they used to make homemade chips (fries for Americans) when he was growing up.

      Gracie acts like she’s scary, but she’s all fluff!


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