Godzilla Double Feature

I always root for the monster. ~ J. R. Ward 

projrctorImage result for son of godzilla

Last week, we watched the Son of Godzilla. It was a bit silly even by monster movie standards. It wasn’t one of my favorite. Fortunately, this week’s movie was better. projrctorImage result for destroy all monsters


Destroy all Monster was a monster filled cast! Godzilla, the Son of Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Gorosaurus and Anguirus all live on Monsterland. No animal wants to live in captivity. Plus, I’m pretty sure I didn’t see any yarn stash or hand knit cardies on that island. It seems only natural these monsters would go on a rampage once they were freed. Image result for destroy all monstersIf multiple monsters isn’t intriguing on it’s own, this movie also has a space alien invasion plot that includes mind control and men in black. What’s better then at least 10 mega monsters in one scene? 005Last week, I started the Great Scott Socks. The cuff was perfect knitting to handle subtitles. 002I’m also enjoying Pims with my tea. European tea biscuits are my favorite, but the British Hubby ate most of them. 003

I think Gracie is finally getting used to Godzilla movies. This was her position during the entire movie.

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