This is Halloween

This is Halloween, this is Halloween
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night

I love The Nightmare Before Christmas. I will sing This is Halloween all month. One of my more recent retail therapy/stress relief from the day job online purchases was for this amazing project bag. Check out the fabric. 002Yep, it’s The Nightmare Before Christmas themed. How could I resist? After all, October is Halloween Horror Movie Month. Here’s our current movie list:

Naturally, my new project bag is housing a somewhat Halloween inspired project. My Plum Biased Wrap is a deep purple. I’m almost done with the first ribbing edge. Purling through the back loop is not exactly my favorite stitch. 003Ernie’s practicing for Trick or Treat night. 004I think he’s ready! I’m off to watch another Halloween Horror flick. Do you have a favorite one you watch every year?

5 thoughts on “This is Halloween

  1. That purple is gorgeous! I’ve watched Nightmare Before Christmas with my youngest son already. I have so many favorites – different ones for different occasions.
    To watch with the family: Hocus Pocus
    To watch with the husband: Salem’s Lot
    To watch by myself: Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu

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