Alternative Realities

“They call me Mister Tibbs!” ~ In the Heat of the Night

Saturday was the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. You can check out more info on NASA’s website. The British Hubby and I thought we would honor the moon landing with a space movie. It seemed fitting since many people believe the moon landing was faked. Why not watch a movie about Nazis’s landing on the dark side of the moon and planning to take over the earth? Before I get too far into this post I want to say this was a spoof on what could have been one outcome from WW II. It’s a caricature of the most extreme conspiracies involving the Nazis party and moon landings.

Image result for iron sky

This movie was created in 2012. Right now the world is very politically charged and seems to be filled with hate speech and violence. By watching this movie, I do not agree with views expressed or ideas portrayed. However, I do not want to ignore history nor can I change what happened in the past. I do hope to learn from it and change behaviors, stereotypes and misinformation to better understand other societies and cultures. All and all this movie was completely surreal journey. I fear this is how the world views portions of American society.

This week, we’re back to mini stuffed crust pizzas. Cider flavors have exploded this year. I found a marionberry flavor. It was delightful.

The British Hubby decided we should recreate one of our favorite movie experiences with warm cookies. It’s hard to top warm cookies.

1500 Yards of Adventure Knitting has quite a bit more left to complete the fourth section. There are 24.14. grams of lace yarn left. After seven repeats of the lace chart, I add in another section of lace. I’m currently working on the fifth repeat.

It’s hard to stay cool when your body is this fluffy. I suggested to shave Gracie, but well you can see by her look above what she thought of that idea. I think her identity might be wrapped up in all that fluff.

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