Murder at the Zoo

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” The Wizard of Oz

I had a hard time writing this post. I debated about just skipping this movie review, but one aspect of social media that concerns me is people only post “the amazing views selfie” or the “look at how much fun I’m having aren’t I awesome” posts. Life isn’t awesome all the time. It’s full of struggles, challenges and disappointments. It’s the contrast between the good times and the bad that makes life worth living. It makes you appreciate the awesome moments when everything works out just right. I don’t want to ignore the ugly parts of life.

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With that in mind, the last Brain Out B Movie the British Hubby and I watched will not be one we view again. The title intrigued us both, and we love old black and white movies. The review on IMDB implied something about the protagonist that wasn’t reflected in the movie. Murder at the Zoo was released in 1933. You need to keep that in mind if you watch this movie. It’s before labor laws, animal cruelty and spousal abuse was reported or even regulated. I can’t apply today’s standards or social norms.

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I’m thankful in many parts of the world zoos do not cage animals like this any more and spousal abuse is no longer acceptable. I’m not endorsing anything portrayed in this movie only allowing my followers the chance to view it and form their own opinions.

One highlight of last week’s movie floppy, I have a new prosecco cocktail, Aperol Spritzer. It’s refreshing on a warm summer day. Doesn’t it just look cheerful to drink?

Another positive was my progress on 1500 Yards of Adventure Knitting. I’m on repeat seven in the last section. After this repeat, I get to add in another lace section. Exciting times, I know you’re on the edge of your seat.

It’s finally cooled off a little here in the PNW. Just the perfect weather for Burt to snuggle on the couch blankie. Look at his cute toe beans.

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