Double Feature with the Devil

“Get your stinking paw off me, you damned dirty ape!” ~ Planet of the Apes

How did I get two weeks behind with my movie posts? Silly day job is keeping me too damn busy. Two Fridays ago, we took a slightly different approach for our Brain out Movie night. We watched The Devil Made Me Do It, a double feature on Criterion. The first showing was Beauty and the Devil.

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This is a French movie about Faust. He’s been gifted youth from a devilish Mephistopheles. If you were close to death, would you go back to your youth with the knowledge and wisdom you currently have? I had boundless energy in my teens and early twenties, but I don’t what to relieve those days.

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This is a chilling tale of what one is willing to do to see your life’s work accomplished. Would you turn back time? Would you sell your soul to the devil? Be careful whom you befriend. It could be the devil cleverly disguised.

During intermission, we checked out a new Vietnamese place that opened up close by. The British Hubby and I enjoyed some Boba tea. It’s one of our favorites. The British Hubby prefers a fruity version with less sugar.

Image result for the devil and daniel webster

The second feature was The Devil and Daniel Webster. This title was originally released as All That Money Can Buy. This movie has been remade several times. These movies always remind me that one should never listen to the voices inside your head and there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Image result for the devil and daniel webster

I’m slowly but surely making progress on 1500 yards of Adventure Knitting. I have about 10 more rows before I add in another lace section.

Ernie’s looking wistful here. Or maybe he’s imaging endless supplies of tuna from the kitty devil. Good thing he’s full of snugly goodness.

Hope your weekend was fun and relaxing.

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