Monster Mayhem Continues

“We came, we saw, we saw, we kicked its ass.” ~ Ghostbusters

How is it the last week of October? This month I’ve spent more time sleeping and watching movies than pretty much anything else. I went back to work before I was close to being healthy, and consequently I’ve not had much brain power to do much more than work and veg-out on Halloween movies. That’s great since Monster Mayhem 2019 continues on. Here’s the list so far:

  1. Ghostbusters (1984) – the first movie to ever frighten me.
  2. Cat People – this is one of our favorite movies.
  3. Twilight Zone – this is always a classic show for October.
  4. Ghost Ship – this was spooky with a mute as a narrator.
  5. I walked with a Zombie – the title speaks for it’s self.
  6. Supernatural – Last year, we started watching this at Halloween time to discover this TV show is still going. It’s on season 15! We just started viewing season 8.
  7. The Leopard Man – I think this might be the original slasher film.
  8. The Seventh Victim – It’s hard to imagine that satanic cults were around in the 1940’s. It just goes to show humanities struggle with good and evil goes back to the beginning of time.
  9. The Curse of the Cat People – This curse can grab you from the grave and beyond!
  10. Isle of the Dead – Is it the war, is it the plague or is it just plain evil?
  11. The Body Snatcher – This one was a bit of a slow burn with most of the action happening in the last 15 minutes.
  12. Murder! – Have you ever been on a jury and thought you made the wrong decision?
  13. Bedlam – Any movie that features an insane asylum is going to be scary.
  14. The Beast with Five Fingers – Avoid corpses that can cut off their own limbs. The limbs may have a mind of their own.
  15. The Wolf Man – The way you walk is thorny. This is one of our favorite Halloween movies.
  16. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! – Another Halloween classic.
  17. Frankenstein Meets Wolf Man – Frankenstein, wolf man, a village festival and gypsies make a perfect cast for destruction and mayhem.
  18. Back to the Future – This roughly happens in October. Time travel is scary
  19. The Skin Game – I’m not sure I can classify this as a Halloween movie. It’s more of a suspenseful drama with a story that comes full circle.
  20. The House of Frankenstein – Finally, the Wolfman is going to be cured or so we think.
  21. House of Dracula – In this movie, Dracula, the Wolfman and a hunchback woman all hope to be cured. Will the doctor have a cure before he goes mad?
  22. Nightmare on Elm Street – Johnny Depp’s very first movie ever!
  23. Pet Sematary (1984) – This is a classic Stephen King movie. I had chills from the opening credits!
  24. Halloween (1978) – This was John Carpenter at his best.
  25. The Nightmare Before Christmas – This is Halloween! I think this has one of my favorite sound tracks.
  26. E.T. – This does have a Halloween scene.
  27. Dracula Untold – This is vampires meets Lord of the Rings. It was quite scary.

I know this is an eclectic list of Halloween movies and shows. Can one really get through October without This is Halloween?

With all the movie watching, we had a little extra time to try a keto bread recipe. It’s good, but really garlic flavored, and is pretty amazing as toast.

I’ve been working on some basic dishcloths. The pattern is delightful dishcloths. This is a fun pattern that’s easy to memorize for movie watching or recovering from being sick. I have an Autumnal version and a Holiday version so far.

Burt was the first to discover we have a baby squirrel in the neighborhood. It’s so cute.

Are you ready for Halloween?

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