Malabrigo March?

Gratitude turns what we have into enough. ~ Aesop

I love Malabrigo March. This year I’ve had a hard time finding my knitting mojo in relation to Malabrigo March. I still love Malabrigo March, but it felt wrong to celebrate as the pandemic spreads and people are sheltering in place. This morning I realized it’s even more important for me to celebrate Malabrigo March 2020! We all need to remember the things and people we love and celebrate our humanity. This could be the only year I get to work from home for the entire month. It’s not quite the same has getting the entire month off to knit, but it’s more knitting time than I had last year.

Some how I’m still under double digits for new projects this month. And you’re never going to believe this, I have two already done! Sure, they are small projects, but they’re finished, and I even woven in the ends!

  1. Sunspot Squared – Verano in Sunspot. The pattern is Hip 2B Square. DONE!
  2. Plum Flowers – Verano in Plum. The pattern is Springing Up Flowers. DONE!
  3. Summertime O’ Love – Verano in Summertime. The pattern is Baby Bib O’Love. The knitting is done on this. I just need to weave in ends and sew on a button. This will be part of a gift set I’m working on for a new mom.
  4. Cosmic Isabel – Rasta in Cosmos. The pattern is Isabel from Time for Hats! I’m ready to start the crown decreases.
  5. Alpine Badlands – Worsted in Alpine Pearl. The pattern is Worsted Badlands Mitts. I haven’t made much progress on these.
  6. Dear Malabrigo – Washted in Pearl. The pattern is Dear Prudence from the book Scarves Two Ways. This is a fun twist on a ribbing scarf.
  7. Malabrigo Grace – Susurro in Fucsia. The pattern is Grace Scarf. This yarn is amazing to knit with. I see more of this base in my future.
  8. Silky Amaranto – Silky Merino in Nocturnal. The pattern is Amaranto Cowl.

The list above isn’t the cast on order. I thought this year I would highlight the projects already finished. Most years, I don’t finish any projects until April. MM19 had 16 projects, and I am very very close to finishing them all. MM20 still has plenty of time for at least 8 more projects.

Burt is taking a break from the yarn winding excitement.

I’m off to cast on new projects and brew myself a big pot of tea! Have you started any new projects or crafts lately?

How about new recipes? What is everyone cooking?

2 thoughts on “Malabrigo March?

  1. I baked some brownies yesterday but accidentally added carob chips instead of chocolate chips. I was disappointed yesterday but today it tasted pretty good! Carob is all about adjusting your expectations.


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