Working From Home

Don’t ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion.

This marks week four of working from home for me, and the third week of the British Hubby and I being home together. When we started, we were pretty much the only ones doing this. Now, most of the world is preparing for some form of shelter in place. I’m not going to debate on what’s right or wrong, and yes, I’m worried about my favorite small businesses. The reality is if we want to slow the rising death toll and save our health care systems this is what we need to do. The arm chair quarterbacks can find fault with each other another time. Let’s be compassionate to each other.

Look at this stunning view on my lunch time neighborhood walk.

How have things changed from last week? We’ve been mostly house or yard bound. The British Hubby made a grocery run around 11 pm. We are fortunate the grocery store near us is open until 1 am and currently isn’t shutting early to help people shop at non peak times. He saw 3 other customers and plenty of shelf stocking happening. Wearing gloves, he wondered about the store keeping his distance from everyone. Sure, he didn’t find everything on the list, but there was fresh produce. We have enough to survive for another week.

Sunbathing rules!

This will be our approach for the upcoming weeks. We haven’t horded food, litter or kitty food, and we don’t plan to start. We have some supplies that will last for a bit. We’ve talked through a back-up plan if we need to go that route. Maybe we will run out, and maybe we won’t. Maybe we’ll find creative ways to make do. I’m confident we will.

Can you spot the garlic?

For now, I’m enjoying my new coworkers and our breaks to bird watch. Burt and Gracie co-chair our sunbathing committee. I’m tending my growing wild garlic patch in the yard. It’s thriving! And we have more time to cook and bake, two of my favorite activities. Check out the sundae below. It’s all keto! It started with a banana caramel base from Keto and Co. Next, we made caramel sauce from our Keto Baking cookbook. It’s topped off with some Rebel Creamery ice cream. Yumm!

And, I’ve accepted my own challenge to beat my personal cast on number from MM19. Skeinherder, from 2019, you’re going down! (Okay, not great trash talk, but I’m making my own entertainment here, people.) Here’s three new projects from the weekend:

  • Arco Aviatrix – I decided to cast on some gifts for the Fall. This is one of my favorite baby hats. The pattern is Aviatrix Hat in Arroyo color Arco Iris.
  • Heirloom Squirrels – It wouldn’t be Malabrigo March without a new pair of bed socks. I love Washted. The pattern is Little Squirrel with Washted in Heirloom Vegetables and Archangel. I decided these should have contrasting cuffs and toes.
  • Caprino Gardens – The British Hubby always finds interesting books for gifts. Scarves Two Ways has some really unique patterns. The pattern is Hong Kong Gardens. I’m trying out a new Malabrigo base Caprino in Pearl. I think this was my longest cast on ever at 495 stitches!
New projects basking in the sunrise.

That brings my total MM20 projects to 11! I have plenty of yarn and planned projects, but eventually I’ll run out of available needles. Good thing, there’s only a week of MM20 left for me to cast on with a vengeance. April is for finishing, right?

How’s your week going? Is it really just Tuesday? Are you having any difficulty knowing what day it is or is that just me?

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