The Dead Pool

“You forgot your fortune cookie! It says…. You’re shit outta luck!” Dirty Harry The Dead Pool

Friday night we concluded our tribute to the Dirty Harry Series with The Dead Pool. This was the fifth and final Dirty Harry movie. It was the shortest, and I must say my least favorite. It was a classic 80’s movie with bad hair, boxy cars and synthesized music. We did enjoy a young Jim Carrey and Liam Neeson. Watch The Dead Pool | Prime Video

The movie did have some great car chases and shoot outs.

Dirty Harry: The Dead Pool - Final Battle Scene (Part Two) (1440p ...

I thought it was time to celebrate life with some bubbles and of course our traditional Friday night pizza. We should always remember life is a gift.

This week, I’m working on my COVID Comfort. I’m on the last square in clue one. I think that puts me about two months behind, but who’s counting? Eventually I will have a really amazing blanket. Ernie is helping me model below.

And here he just couldn’t resist being a tart. Look at that pink nose and whiskers. That’s one happy kitty!

Stay safe and healthy as we welcome in June.

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