Friday Night I and Friday Night II

Some people can’t believe in themselves until someone else believes in them first. ~ Good Will Hunting

With the holiday weekend in the States last week, the British Hubby and I had a chance to have two Friday night movie nights. What we ended up watching didn’t really have an over all theme or connection. It was entertainment pure and simple. The line-up was Hard Boiled, Eurovision and Blood Machines. Sometimes entertainment is fun, and sometimes it expands your mind.

Hard Boiled | China-Underground Movie Database
BLOOD MACHINES - Turbo Killer 2 by Seth Ickerman —Kickstarter

As you would expect, Hard Boiled was a bit over the top with the fight scenes especially the ending. That’s what makes these movies fantastic. When the villains put their armory under a hospital and then try to blow up the evidence, what else can you do but save all the babies?

Hard Boiled (Ultimate Edition) Blu-ray Review - IGN

Hard Boiled and Eurovision are both fantastic in different ways. Both movies feature music. Eurovision is mostly about the music.

Every Song In Netflix's Eurovision Song Contest Movie - CAMEROON MAGAZINE - CAMEROUN INFO ...

Eurovision is an actual song contest dating back to 1956. The British Hubby grew up watching this contest and the unique contestants from the UK. These are the most watched Eurovision videos in June 2020. Eurovision 2021 is only 319 days away! Sadly, the 2020 Eurovision was cancelled, but if you check out their YouTube channel below you can find the specials they put out this year instead.

Blood Machines also has musical elements. This short film is a sequel to a music video. It’s inspired by 80’s films and music. Keep that in mind when you watch these.

We had an eclectic movie combination, but life is about exploring and finding new adventures. Just because we’re in a pandemic, doesn’t mean we have to stop learning and exploring. It just has a different medium now. Open your mind to something new.

This week’s pizza was a bit of a meat fest with ham, bacon and two types of pepperoni. I thought I would try it with bbq and ranch. Such a meaty pizza went well with my stout.

With all these movies, I’ve made great progress on Aurora Borealis Scarf. These are so fun to see the colors change. Burt is making a cameo above.

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