Working From Home: Week 18 and 19

United wishes and good will cannot overcome brute facts. Truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it. Ignorance may deride it. Malice may distort it. But there it is. ~ Winston Churchill

Another two weeks have gone by. I’ve had some vacation days, but am still primarily working from home. In this state, businesses are now required to insure workers and customers are all wearing some form of face covering. Science shows just how effective masks are for stopping all germs. Check this out. I just had my first haircut maybe in 2020, but certainly since the pandemic started. It’s amazing how much lighter I feel after a hair cut. I didn’t realize how much I missed my cute pixie cut. The British Hubby has decided to stick with his really short buzz cut.

Since my last WFH post, we discovered Kittisaurus. These videos feature six cats and the various challenges their human sets up for them. Now you may be thinking, “I’m not really a cat person.” Hard to believe, I know. Let’s be honest here. If you’re following my blog, you’re a cat person. That’s right, I just outed you you secret closeted cat lover. We all know Burt, Ernie and Gracie are the real stars of this blog. Step into the light and embrace their cute little pawzies.

Our sunflower garden is flourishing. I’ve decided to keep them in pots for now so we can enjoy their beauty while in my kitchen home office space. The plants won’t get as big, but they should still flower. I think a few already have buds.

I have one rhubarb and one lemon tree still keeping up the good fight. (I can’t remember if this is Ruby or Barb any more.) Eventually, these will move out of the grow lamp, but for now they’re happy to hang out together.

Gracie Update: Gracie has been home from FHTC for about 15 days and 4 hours now. She no longer hides under the bed in the mornings. She seems to be sleeping better and is a bit less social than before. Today we moved into the next phase. She is now completely safe for us to handle like normal and not try to keep at a distance. We also no longer need to store the litter after today. This means the litters have been completely cleaned out and replaced with fresh. The next milestone will be at 1 month when Gracie has her first check-up and blood work post treatment.

3 thoughts on “Working From Home: Week 18 and 19

    • I love Dear Kitten! I’m starting to think we don’t have enough adventure courses set up for our kitties. We may need to set-up some challenges. We’ve been saying all week, “This is so soft. I live here now.”


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