He’s on his last leg, sir. ~ Money Penny

Now that we’re firmly into autumn, we debated this weekend if we should forgo the Bond movie for Monster Mayhem. This week, we decided to start with a Bond film and finish with Monster Mayhem provided there was time for a double feature. Movie 11 is Moonraker from 1979.

Moonraker (1979)

This movie is unique even for Bond. The opening song has a distinct 70’s soul vibe. John Barry composed this movie’s music. I remember Barry best for composing Dances with Wolves. So through out this movie, I could just picture Bond hunting buffalo in the American prairie. Would it be called Dances with Bond? Or maybe 007 Wolves?

Not surprisingly, Jaws doesn’t die in the last movie. In fact, it appears he’s immortal. I know this is part of the plot line, but I think the writers missed a fantastic opportunity to have Jaws attempt to kill Bond multiple times in every movie and it’s never talked about. That’s just how good Bond is. Not only can he squeal tires on gravel, grass, snow, and sand, he can also avoid the clutches of death from Jaws while staying on his real mission. In the end, Jaws finds true love.

Moonraker: The James Bond Movie You Shouldn't Take Seriously | Den of Geek

At times during this movie, the British Hubby and I would pinch each other to see if we were dreaming. Or maybe our Friday night pizza some how contained LSD? It was just that odd. If you haven’t watched, please do just for the pure entertainment value of watching a space western scene.

The British Hubby found a new pizza. Croissant crust! Sure, it’s not keto friendly, but OMG was it good. Every once and awhile we allow ourselves a little bit of decadence. Perhaps we were in a bit of a food comma when we watched Bond?

This week, I was working on a MM20 project. Ernie just loves the way Malabrigo Grace feels against his fur. At 50% silk, can you blame him?

How was your weekend? Watch any good Halloween movies?

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