Haunted Handwarmers: Day 4

Where there is no imagination there is no horror. ~ Arthur Conon Doyle

This week the air has been chilly, and my lawn is now covered in downed leaves and tree limbs. Autumnal rain storms are one of my favorite times to watch scary movies. This year, I’m adding in Fright Club to the fun. It’s helping make 2020 something positive amongst all the chaos.

Day 4 introduced a third color into my Haunted Handwarmers. I’ve been trying not to look too far ahead on these and enjoy each day’s unveiling as it comes. This was a 13 day kal. In theory if I started on October 1, I would have a completed set of handwarmers now. Since the knitting isn’t evenly spread out over 13 days, and I’m only opening up one package a day, this is taking me a bit longer. I’m getting even more value for money, right? Eventually, I will have an awesome set of Halloween themed handwarmers.

Don’t these look like little bats? I love how the color work is turning out so far! Even the British Hubby thought these were pretty cool.

Day 4 involved the most rounds of knitting yet. It gave me a great chance to view two more Halloween movies for Monster Mayhem 2020. So far, we’re still watching old favorites with a few new additions thrown in.

  1. The Invisible Guardian
  2. The Legacy of Bones
  3. Offering to the Storm
  4. The Wolf Man
  5. Wisting
  6. Frankenstein meets The Wolf Man
  7. I, Madman

Burt has gone in search of his own Halloween costume. I haven’t decided if he’s trying to be the laundry basket or the dirty laundry. What do you think?

If you have pets, do you dress them up for the various holidays?

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