Haunted Handwarmers: Day 5

There is a child in everyone of us who is still a trick or treater looking for a brightly light front porch. ~ Robert Brault

The days are getting shorter and shorter. In northern parts of the country, snow is expected this week. We try to wait until November 1 to turn on our heat for the winter season. Fortunately, we have plenty of knitted wear for adding on warm layers. Color work adds an extra layer of thickness in knitted garments. This week, I’m going to see how much I can accomplish on my Haunted Handwarmers.

Day 5 we add in another yarn. Neon Lime is the next color. The name says it all. It’s bright! What will the next pattern be in my spooky themed mitts?

  1. The Invisible Guardian
  2. The Legacy of Bones
  3. Offering to the Storm
  4. The Wolf Man
  5. Wisting
  6. Frankenstein meets The Wolf Man
  7. I, Madman
  8. Phantom of the Opera
  9. The Invisible Man

Since we have a new box set for Monster Mayhem 2020, we added in a few new to us movies. It really is amazing what movie tech was able to create 50, 60 and even 70 years ago.

Poor Burt. He does not look very happy being a piece of pizza. He refused to stay still for a photo so here’s a short video instead. You can just make out his tail furiously going in the corner. Fortunately, he wasn’t tortured for very long.

How’s your week going? Monday was a bit rougher than I expected.

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