Quantum of Solace

“When someone says, ‘We’re every where.’ It’s usually hyperbole.” ~ M

As an introvert married to a hermit crab (aka the British Hubby), we typically love winter storms that cancel all our social activities for a few days and force us to work from home. Last weekend, was our first major snow storm since the pandemic started. I wondered if we would still feel that way. Turns out we enjoy listening to the howling wind and watching drifts start to form while tucked in our cozy warm home just as much as we did pre-COVID. It was perfect viewing weather for the next Bond movie, Quantum of Solace.

Quantum of Solace Poster

These movies can be watched as stand alone entities. Watching them more or less every week, has helped me pick up on the nuances I didn’t before. Now I understand the journey Bond goes through to become a cold blooded killer. Love and emotions are liabilities for his career path, but it does include some stunning views like below.

Image result for quantum of solace opening

This movie had some edgy scenes. That included the opening song by Jack White and Alicia Keys. I really enjoyed the mix between big band and classical with the rock vibe. I love the musical mixing of genres.

This is an action packed film with some elements of truth about finding leaders/governments with integrity, climate change, love and revenge. At times our own humanity is our own worst enemy, but what is life without love even for a fleeting moment.

Image result for quantum of solace stunts desert

Normally we have keto pizzas, but last week we had a very small flatbread pizza treat. Yes, it probably had all the carbs I normally eat all day in a single slice especially when paired with my favorite dragon’s milk stout. Fortunately, as we adapt more and more of our favorite recipes carbs are becoming a mostly distant memory.

Suspenseful movies mean I need an easy knitting project. One that is easy to memorize so I don’t need to worry about messing up the pattern. Chevrons of Christmas is perfect. It’s a two row repeat where I knit until I run out of one color. Then I open the next surprise box to see what color is next. I’m not even counting rows since it’s easy to tell which side is knit and which is purl. This scarf is coming along quite nicely. I’m just starting color number six. You can just see it poking out the top.

Burt slept through the entire movie just like this below. I guess he wasn’t impressed by 007’s attire.

May the start of your week be filled with joy and gratitude.

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